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Huntsman Injury Law

We Help Injured People

Just in the last five years, Mr. Huntsman has personally handled and settled more than 600 personal injury claims in California and Utah. He knows what it takes to help you fight for your rights and receive the expertise you deserve in the event you’re dealing with the following:

  • Bike crashes
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Motorcycle crashes
  • Scooter crashes
  • Slip and falls
  • Truck accidents

Mr. Huntsman knows what it takes to get you the professional help you need to make a full recovery and to get it paid for by the person responsible.

We Handle All Types of Injuries

We accept all types of personal injury claims, including truck collisions, automobile collisions, pedestrian accidents, motorcycle, and bicycle accidents, slip & falls, and trip & falls. If you have another type of personal injury accident, call us to see how we can help you. Huntsman Injury Law is currently accepting new personal injury cases.

We know the medicine and handle all types of injuries from typical neck and back injuries to less common chronic pain syndromes, brain injuries, personality changes, hearing, or vision loss. Huntsman Injury Law has handled cases against insurance companies, governmental agencies, corporations, companies, and individuals. We have handled train, plane, and boat accidents. If you have a claim, call us.

Looking For Someone To Be On Your Side?

If you already have an attorney but you're not confident that your needs are being met, call us. If you have an unusual injury and your attorney or doctor does not understand what is happening to you, let us try to help you find the answer. Call Huntsman Injury Law for a second opinion on your case – no obligation.

Huntsman Injury Law has a long history of fighting for the developmentally disabled in civil, criminal, probate, and mental health courts. We have practiced elder law for more than twenty years and have successfully helped dependent adults who have been abused or wrongfully taken from their families. Huntsman Injury Law represents children who have been abused, or otherwise wrongfully harmed. We fight for the weak and those who have been victimized.

An Experienced Trial Attorney

Although nearly 96% of all personal injury claims don't go to trial, Roy Huntsman is a trial attorney who will go to trial if needed. Our clients receive a settlement. You have a choice in your case. We help you get the result you need. Call Huntsman Injury Law for a free and easy consultation.

Pie chart of percentages of trial attorney outcomes

Roy Huntsman, Esq.

Attorney Profile

Mr. Huntsman grew up in Willard, Utah – a small farming community with orchards and dairies. There, he grew accustomed to hard work by doing many of the odd jobs that were available. After graduating from high school, he worked one year as an oil-field roustabout, off-shore on the Great Salt Lake. Then, he went on a two-year church mission to Hong Kong.

Mr. Huntsman and his wife

Upon his return from Hong Kong, Mr. Huntsman attended Rick’s College (now BYU-I) for one year. He then studied abroad in Taipei, Taiwan before completing his undergraduate studies at Brigham Young University. To support himself while going to school, he worked full-time as a mental health worker working with juveniles with behavioral issues.

After college, Mr. Huntsman became a Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy, where he worked full-time while attending Ventura College of Law. He graduated from law school and passed the California State Bar exam in 1996.

Since 1996, he has owned and operated his own law offices in Santa Clarita and Westlake Village, California. His practice initially included wills, trusts, probate, social security disability, taxes, personal injury, business litigation, contracts, elder law, education, insurance bad faith, civil rights claims, abuse claims, and civil litigation.

Since 2000, his primary focus has been personal injury claims with a secondary focus on children’s civil rights and/or sexual abuse claims, and elder abuse claims.

Mr. Huntsman is currently accepting serious personal injury and wrongful death claims, and trial work.


B.A. Economics/Asian Studies, Brigham Young University
J.D. Ventura College of Law


California 1996
Utah 2020

What Our Clients Have Said About Huntsman Injury Law

Mr. Huntsman provides value to his clients by fighting for their rights and working to help them receive the care and treatment they deserve. His clients know that he cares for them and that he’ll be their legal advocate.

Very Intelligent

“Honest, patient, fair, professional, hands-on, and very intelligent. I have been working with few lawyers before I finally felt confident that my Personal Injury/Truck Accident case is finally being handled by the right people. My life and health would’ve been worse if I hadn’t met Attorney Roy Huntsman and his team on time. I am forever thankful for their support and guidance as we go through this process and after.” – Jeanne C.

Tireless Work Ethic

“They do not come any better than Roy Huntsman. His tireless work ethic and integrity are surpassed only by his expertise and knowledge of the law. I trust Roy implicitly and would recommend him to anyone in need of his services.” – Josh B.

Cares About His Clients

“Roy Huntsman is a skilled dedicated attorney who really cares about his clients. I have seen his trial skills in action. Roy is impressive and his passion and dedication to the craft are unparalleled.” – Bill A.

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