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Car Accident Attorney

Most collisions occur at a low speed with minor property damage and minor injuries. However, some collisions lead to serious injuries like multiple fractures, spine or head injuries, amputations, or surgeries. Occasionally serious injuries are less obvious and can lead to chronic pain, nerve injuries, or internal damage.

We like handling car crash claims because we like helping people get better. We also like to fight the insurance companies who try to escape paying for the damage and injuries. Huntsman Injury Law provides the best representation possible for our clients who have auto crash claims. We have been fighting for injured people for more than 23 years. We know the medicine and the law, and we maximize personal injury claims.

Do You Have a Case?

Because we strive to provide personal service and exceptional outcomes for our clients, we cannot accept all of the personal injury claims that come to us. We must carefully evaluate every potential claim to determine if we can add value to the claim. If we can make a difference in the outcome, we will offer our services. Then, if you want a great personal injury attorney, you will have one, and we will have a great client.

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We are happy to evaluate your claim for free without any obligation.

How We're Different

There are a lot of big advertising budget personal injury firms seeking car crash clients. Each will tell you that they get the best results for their clients. All are very adept at handling the small rear-end collision or simple car crash claim. For these firms, it is easy money. They can handle hundreds, or thousands, of clients and they often don’t even need to pay an attorney to handle the claims! The typical client will never meet the owner of the firm, and he will not personally handle their claim.

Many of the big-name firms do not ever go to trial for their clients. They will negotiate to get the most they can from the insurance company, but in the end, they will settle. Settling is a good business strategy because if you always settle, you get paid and there is no risk of losing. Trials cost a lot of money and carry the risk of losing money and time. Most attorneys fear trial because of the risk and cost.

When your injuries are serious or the legal issues are more complex, we recommend using a personal injury attorney who will meet actually meet with you in person and handle your claim from start to finish. It's best if the attorney can review and understand the medical records, and prepare the legal case to get a fair and just outcome, even if it means not settling, but going to trial.

What To Do After An Accident

Getting in a car accident can be frightening and painful. Whether it's a fender bender or a major car wreck, if you've been in an accident, make sure you follow these steps to get the help you need.

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