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Truck Accident Attorney

Handling truck cases is NOT like handling car crashes. These cases required a much higher level of expertise, time, and effort from the attorney. In order to provide appropriate counsel, a lawyer must have a solid understanding of the special training, licenses, and rules for public safety which all commercial truck drivers must follow. Often, truck crashes are the result of drivers breaking these safety rules.

What You Need To Know

  1. Drivers have a duty to drive safely. During bad weather, they must slow down and anticipate road dangers. When drivers speed in bad weather, they create danger for all along the way. Most, if not all, modern trucks have built-in computers that record the speed and braking of the truck. After a crash, the data must be obtained from the truck computer to determine what the driver did before, during, and after the collision.
  2. Drivers have a duty to get enough rest. Drowsy driving or distracted driving can result in devastating crashes. Drivers have a duty to park where they do not create a hazard for other drivers. They must maintain their vehicles and get them inspected regularly.
  3. When truck crashes occur, a police investigation should reveal witnesses and what they saw, vehicle failures, driver errors, and road conditions that played a part in the crash. Sometimes, the police report is wrong or missing information, or on rare occasions, biased. It is critical for injured parties to have an advocate to find the truth about what caused the collision. A fair outcome depends on it.
  4. Commercial vehicles must carry higher levels of insurance. If they pull a trailer, the trailer must have coverage. If they carry a load, often the load is covered by insurance. Occasionally, insurance companies may try to hide, hoping that injured parties will settle for what they can get from the first insurance company. If the injuries are serious, this may result in a poor outcome for the client.
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