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What Should You Do if You’re in A Car Accident?

Getting in a car accident can be a difficult experience to go through. If you’ve been in a motor vehicle accident, whether it's a fender bender or a major car wreck, you can benefit from knowing how to handle a car accident.

Man on phone next to car accident

Call For Help

Call 911 after you’ve been in a car accident. First responders will arrive at the scene of the accident. They’ll quickly assess the situation and help you receive medical attention. Even if you’re not immediately feeling pain or don’t have any obvious injuries, it’s still in your best interest to be treated by a medical professional.

File A Police Report

It’s important that you file a police report to make sure that you have everything on an official record. The police will also handle the scene if one of the involved parties is acting strangely or under the influence. Documentation of your medical treatment is important should you choose to file a personal injury claim. It’ll serve as evidence in your case.

Person taking a photo of a car crash

Take Photos of The Scene

It’s also key that you take pictures to document the scene. This can be done with your smartphone. Take pictures of your vehicle as well as the other vehicles that were in the car accident. Capturing the damages you’ve received is key in the documentation of the event.

Collect Information

Collect the names and contact information for any witnesses who saw the collision. You cannot have too many witnesses, and they may not all have seen the same thing.

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Call Roy Huntsman

Roy Huntsman will serve as the person who will contact other parties involved and take care of the negotiations for settlements on your behalf. Mr. Huntsman knows how to serve as your advocate so you can focus on recovery and getting back to normal life.

Notify Your Insurance Company

Report your car accident and any injuries you may have received to your insurance company. They will need to know what happened since they are covering your vehicle. They may want to get a statement from you. Resist giving a statement until you have spoken to your attorney.

Man stretching arm and elbow

Focus on Recovering

Follow the doctor’s orders to heal from your injuries. It’s your right to seek medical treatment in order to return to normal everyday life. Mr. Huntsman will help you navigate the world of finding experienced medical experts who will help you recover as he takes care of your personal injury claim.

During your recovery period, Roy Huntsman will review your treatment plans to make sure you get the proper medical attention that you need to heal and feel better. He can help connect you to proven medical professionals to assist in your care. He will also check in with you regularly to monitor your progress.

You Are Not Alone

If you've been in an accident in California or Utah, remember that you’re not alone. You can count on Huntsman Injury Law to give you the best advice and help you focus on reclaiming your life. Schedule an appointment to inquire about your rights and receive counsel regarding your claim.

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